The gentle music and sweet fragrance of this tambourine is said to be irresistable to even the shyest faeries. Use it with a kind heart to lure them from their hiding places.


  • 2 feet (61 cm) of grapevine; honeysuckle, or other woody vine
  • floral wire
  • liter-sized soda bottle
  • 4 yards (3.7 m) of 1/4 inch-wide (3mm) ribbon in one or more colors
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • 4 jingle bells
  • various fresh herbs and flowers

1. You can buy small grapevine wreaths at craft stores. but most faeries can tell homemade from store-bought, and they tend to be more receptive to things you make yourself. Simply wind grapevine,honeysuckle, or a similar woody vine around the sode bottle. Avoid any vines that look hairy: it could be poison ivy! Wind the vine around the bottle several times, occasionally threading it through the innerpart of the wreath and back out again. Secure the circles of vine toeach other by tying small lengths of floral wire in four or five places around the wreath.

2. Measure and cut four 24-inch (61 cm) lengths of ribbon.

3. Double a length of cut ribbon. Thread the folded end through thetop loop of a jingle bell and pull through enough ribbon to looparound the wreath. Add the rest of the bells in this same way.

4. Thread the ends of the ribbon through the loop and tighten, pullingthe bell close to the wreath. Tie a simple knot in the ribbon tosecure the bell.

5. Measure and cut a 36-inch (92 cm) length of ribbon. Tie one endwith a small knot to the wreath. Wind the ribbon all around the wreathform.

6. Decorate the wreath with fresh or dried herbs, leaves,berry sprigs, or dried or fresh flowers.

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