The behavior traits predicted by Face Analysis have been statistically tested and found to be an amazing 92% accuracy.

Serious Mind – Deep set eyes show serious mindedness. People with this trait take life and work very seriously. These people do their job well.

Physical – The bony protuberance at the back of the head indicates a need for much physical activity.

Authoritative – The authoritative trait is indicated by the with of the jaw. A wide jaw line is indicative of an individual who is authoritative, whereas a short jaw line indicates a person who is submissive.

Self Reliance – This is indicated by how much the nostril flares out from the nose. People with a large flare are highly self reliant.

Tenacity – High tenacity is indicated by a protruding chin, whereas low tenacity is indicated by a receding chin.

Entrepreneurial Skills – This trait is shown by the straightness of the outside rim of the ear.

Adventurous – Those people with high adventurous traits are indicated by protruding cheek bones.

Generosity – This trait is indicated by the size of the lower lip. The larger the lip, the greater the generosity.

Pride In Appearance – This is indicated by the shortness of the upper lip. The shorter it is, the stronger the need for a good appearance.

Dry Wit – Dry wit is indicated by a long upper lip

Automatic Resistance – People whose jaw looks wedge shaped automatically resist under pressure.

Administration Skills – This trait is indicated by the straight or hooked convex nose.

Impulsiveness – If the lips from the side profile can be clearly viewed, the person is very impulsive

Skepticism – Is indicated by a turned down nose

Tolerance – This trait is indicated by the distance between the eyes.

Exactness – This is indicated by the vertical furrow between the eyebrows and represents the need for being exact and accurate.

Sharpness – This trait is indicated by the sharpness of the facial features as seen from the profile. People who have sharp profile features are very alert.

Detail Concern – This trait is indicated by the development of small mounds above each side of the inner eyebrow.

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