We do this with spells and rituals, where we call one or all of the elements in much the same way as we do for other non-healing intents. A spell is performed when the required outcome is to make a change in a situation. A ritual to return to a former state of being. The spell work is as we have learned through out the year, so I do not feel the need to go over that again. I am pretty sure you all know how to write a spell now!


Fire affects the physical aspect. Fire is used for energy, passion, enthusiasm and intents such as these. You may choose fire as the element in which to draw healing energy from if the client was lethargic, TATT, depressed. You may also use Fire for masculine problems, impotence and low-libido, in women as well as men.


Water affects the emotional aspect .Water is sought out most often for healing energy, but elemental healing you would specifically choose water for fertility problems, womens concerns, parental bonding, depression caused by blocked emotions, blood problems, sleep problems.


Air affects the mental aspects. Air is used to bring balance within the mind, body. It is especially useful in decision making which can be hard when depression sets in. Any mental illness that is mental and not medical origin can be helped with Air, paranoia, manic behaviour, compulsive obsessive disorders are all helped with the air element. Pain management is also linked to air.


Earth affects the sensing organs and also the physical requirements of the body. Minerals, vitamin defieciencies and finding that balance within the body is ruled by Earth. Also skin, mouth, hands and feet are aided with the earth element.

Here is a list of some body areas and their respective elements:

  • Abdomen: Fire
  • Arms: Earth
  • Blood: Air
  • Bones: Earth
  • Chest: Air
  • Ears: Water
  • Eyes: Water
  • Feet: Earth
  • Genitalia: Fire
  • Hands: Earth
  • Heart: Fire
  • Legs: Earth
  • Lungs: Air
  • Mind: Fire
  • Nose: Air
  • Skin: Earth
  • Stomach: Water
  • Teeth: Earth
  • Throat: Air
  • Uterus: Water

Elemental Balancing
I do this regularly to maintain health, especially if I am feeling out of sorts. I use a mixture of a meditation to balance the elements and actual physical contact with each of the elements to balance out the energies. The meditation consists of sitting within a circle and invoking each element in turn and allowing them to enter my body and fill me with their energies.

The Physical connection I usually do out side, by turning to each direction and then feeling the elements in their natural state. You can do this for other people through visualization as well.If you do not have a fountain or a pond, get a bowl of water and a cup and pour over your hands or feet. For the fire element I turn my face to the sun. For air I let the breath of the wind blow over me. For earth I take off my shoes and walk on grass or run my hands through soil. If you feel very low on a particular element and want it’s influence in your life more, go to nature. For Earth walk through woods touching soil and trees, for Air go to the top of a hill on a windy day, for Water go to the beach or a river, and for Fire make a bonfire or a small camp fire and sit closely to it drawing in it’s energy.


Seichem, pronounced say-keem consists of four elemental healing rays. It works through attuning to all four elements, and gaining mastery over them, to raise and direct energy. Does that sound familiar? Seichem is essentially a method of healing and is not traditional part of wicca, however I believe Seichem and Reiki are natural skills for witches. It is also worth mentioning that some people who work with Reiki exclusively often do not have the balance of all four elements and connecting to and attuning with them will bring the physical, mental, emotional and sensual balance within body, mind and spirit which is necessary for good health.

1). Reiki (earth energy), which is experienced as hot or cold, and can benefit the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It is a base through which the other elemental rays can work.

2). Sophi-el (water energy), which is felt as a gentle pulsating coolness. It helps to heal deep emotional issues, opens the heart to love and enhances intuitive abilities.

3). Angelic light (air and spirit energy), which feels like cool gentle breezes and can facilitate mental healing. It establishes a link with the angelic realm.

4). Sakara (fire energy), which is experienced as an effervescent tingling, like a mild electrical current. It works in the aura, helping to “burn” through and transform blockages. Sakara also repairs the physical body and holds the Angeliclight for the healer.

One of the most significant changes you may see with someone moving from Reiki to Seichem is that immediately after the attunement, that person has a very strong sense of all the four energies, and they can work with an aura even when they didn’t know it existed!

Seichem is usually of interest to those with Reiki already. It is a natural progression to move to a higher level of healing after a period of time. Seichem is usually only taught after achieving Level 1 in Reiki.

Sophi-el is connected with the water element, and can be experienced as a gentle wave-like coolness, or as an intense cold, like ice. Sophi-El aids emotional and sexual healing, and opens the heart to receive love and to feel compassion. The energy reaches deep within the emotional body to find the core, cause and effect of the disturbance. Sophiel also increases the healer’s psychic awareness.

Water is the cleansing element and essential for all life on Earth. It is denser than air, but not as rigid as earth; remaining unformed and open to influences. It mixes easily with both air and earth, and can move huge quantities of both. The astrological water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are sensitive, emotionally intense, adaptive and empathetic.

Sakara is connected with the Fire element, and is experienced as hot and tingling, like a mild electrical current. Sakara works well in the electro-magnetic aura surrounding the body, and cleanses the chakras. The energy “burns” through blockages.

Fire is the only element which purifies without becoming contaminated itself. Lightening and electricity are fire. The Sun is fire, and without its heat and light there would be no life on Earth as we know it. Fire can be used to enhance life or destry it. You can bring the fire element into your home by lihting candles. The astrological fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagitarius are enthusiastic, joyous, creative, natural leaders and original thinkers.

Angeliclight is connected with the Air element, and forms a link with the angelic realm. In the healer, perceptions through the third eye are enhanced. Clients often experience sensations of healing work being carried out nowhere near to the hands of the healer, accompanied by cool and gentle breezes.

Air is the carrier of communication, music and speech – there is no sound in a vacuum. Air feeds fire and can move earth and water. Lighting incense in your home will make you aware of the continual movement of air. The astrological air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius love the world of new ideas and mental exchanges. For anything to become manifest, it must first be an idea.

Reiki is connected with the Earth element. This is not energy from the Earth – the ground we walk on is simply a third dimension manifestation of the earth element which pervades the entire universe through all dimensions. This energy can be experienced as hot or cold, just like the surface of the planet. Reiki can benefit physical, mental and emotional health, and forms a base through which the other elemental rays can work.

Earth is a generous element; slowly forming and reforming all the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. It is grounding and brings stability, ancient power and wisdom into our lives. Introducing earth into your home will generate an enegy whihc is serene and stable. Salt is one of the most effective ways to do this. Crystals and semi-precious stones also introduce the earth element. The astrological earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are responsible, reliable, organised, self-sufficient and loyal.

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