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The elements are not only physical forces in nature but they are apart of every single thing on this palnet including us. Air is our thoughts, and that part of us which thinks, it is also our breath and our sense of smell. Fire is our passions and enthusiasms, those strong feelings that make us act or react. It is the beat of the heart and our sense of sight. Water is our emotions, joy, laughter, sorrow and tears. It is the blood that runs through our veins and our sense of taste. Earth is our physical form, the body and the sense of touch.The fifth element is spirit which incorporates the four physical elements spirit is the intangible part of ourselves that make us, us.

The elements are also present in and linked to other aspects of life, time of day, season of the year, and compass direction

The elements are also found in the witches circle, Each is called or invoked (summoned) and each is assigned the quarter relating to it’s compass point. Air is east, fire is south, water is west and earth is north.

The Elements in Balance Within Us:

These attributes of the elements show how important they are in both life and in the craft, for not only are they powerful forces of nature but they make up every part of our life and inner being. To creat effective magick it is essential that we get to know and understand the elements. To make magick work the way we want it to we have to be able to harness their energies both from inside us and outside.

To be able to perform magick to the very best of our ability we must be able to manipulate the elements. Recognise them and call them.

Practical Element Work:
Get to feel how the elements are within you. Learn to feel and sense them. Let their sensations wash over you. Imagine that they are being absorbed into your body as you breathe in.

  • Air: Go outside and feel the wind blowing, indoors light incense, write down in a notebook the feelings these sensations evoke in you.
  • Fire: Go outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your face, indoors light a candle in an otherwise unlit room, see it’s aura, write down in a notebook the feelings these sensations evoke in you.
  • Water: Go somewhere outside and be near water a river, sea or lake, touch the water. Indoors take a bowl of water and swirl your fingers in it, write down in a notebook the feelings these sensations evoke in you.
  • Earth: Go outside touch soil or walk barefoot in sand, indoors hold a pebble or a rock that you have brought in from outside, write down in a notebook the feelings these sensations evoke in you.

Remember if a crystal is like a battery of energy to beused in magick the elements are like linking to the national grid!

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