Meditation works to enable your ability to do magick by altering your consciousness, enabling you to interact with your inner world, and by utilizing your will to transform. By getting into an altered state, usually with alpha brainwaves, you can begin using your own unconscious thoughts, emotions, dreams, hopes, and even fears. You will connect with your inner guidance, awakening your psychic abilities and connecting with your own ability to heal on all levels.

The Buddha found Enlightenment while meditating under a Bo tree. This quick and easy meditation may not free you from the Cycles of Rebirth or the Wheel of Karma, but it might just free you from the psychic stress and tensions of your day to day life.

Find a quiet place and time, take off your shoes, close your eyes, and stand with your hands hanging heavily at your side. Imagine yourself surrounded by a warm, white light, and breathe this energy in, deeply and slowly.

Feel your feet on the floor, and imagine growing roots- let these roots grow way down deep, right to the center of the Earth. As these roots ground you and connect you to our Mother Earth, release all the psychic negativity of your day- release all the people, the problems, all the responsibilities back to the Earth. Breathe deeply, and feel all the energy that’s been keeping your from feeling grounded and centered drain out, and into the core of the Earth.

Now, imagine your roots absorbing the nourishment Mother Earth has to offer- feel this warm, powerful energy from the Earth’s core rise up through your roots, through your feet, your legs, your hips, your torso. When you fell the energy reach your shoulders, let your tree grow branches. Reach these branches up into the Universe, far out into the Cosmos. Feel the psychic energy of the Universe flowing through your branches, through your head, and down through your trunk. Allow this Cosmic clairvoyant energy to flow right down through your roots, into the Earth. Feel the Earth energy rising up, the Cosmic flowing down. You are now grounded to the Earth, and in tune with the Cosmos.

When you are ready, call back all the psychic energy you’ve lost and left behind through out the day, and gather it up into a hot, glowing golden sun above your head. Let this gold sun of your own psychic energy flow through your head, down your arms, filling up your entire body, right down to your feet. If you want, make another gold sun to shine down and nourish your “tree”. When you are ready, open your eyes, stretch, and feel refreshed!

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