You will need:

  • Green Candle.
  • Patchouli Incense.
  • Citrine Crystal

To be performed by a full moon on a Sunday at midnight.

Ground and Centre.

Cast a circle

Invoke the element either by visualizing energy rising through your feet from the ground or by calling the element in the traditional way.

Light the Candle and Patchouli Incense on your altar.

Sit breathing the energies and aromas into your body.

Imagine the light of the candle surrounding you in it’s energies and the incense absorbing into your body through each breath. Hold the crystal in your hands above the candle and feel it’s energies filling you up, see yourself prosperous and secure.


Candle flame burning bright,
Citrine power, filled with light,
Bring to me security,
With faith, hope and prosperity.
By the Will of the Goddess, and by my own efforts,
So Mote it Be!

Allow the candle to burn for as long as possible, it’s energies spreading throughout your home. Bury the remainder in the garden.Keep the crystal in your pocket or purse or wherever you feel the need for prosperity.

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