The element of earth represents the body, patience, security, and abundance. All stones stand for earth, but those especially attuned to this element include emerald, hematite, jet, moss agate, and obsidian.

Earth scents include patchouli, oakmoss, cypress, magnolia, and sage. Earth colors are brown, green, and black. A good way to connect with earth is through arranging stones, sand, soil, and plants. You can make a miniature rock garden in a shallow dish with sand and several attractive stones. Or you could make a cactus garden, starting with soil, then planting cacti, finally covering with a layer of sand and one or two accent stones. Consecrate your Earth garden by concentrating on it and saying:

Earth my own
Garden of stone
Maiden grown
Mother and Crone
I have sown
Now I intone
Earth my own
Garden of stone

Notice how energy flows among the stones as in a Zen garden.

By: Elizabeth Barrette

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