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Discrimination. Pure and Simple


My name is Sorcha Kincaid and I am writing in regards to the distribution of Bibles in the public school system.

Canada is supposed to be a country of equality where everyone’s rights are respected, yet the only literature that is distributed is the Bible? Seems rather one-sided to me. There is a literal world of religion out there that is equally fulfilling, valid, and enriching. Why aren’t copies of other spiritual literature made available and distributed throughout the district? Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Wicca, Ba’hai and many other faiths contain wisdom and guidelines for life, just as Christianity does, yet only the Bible is seen as appropriate for young minds? That sounds more like a closed mind concept.

I remember being in high school listening to the announcements of Bible study at lunch, and being told that I could have no such gathering of minds centred on any other religion. Being a fledgling Wiccan at the time, I felt the discrimination most keenly and felt the system had let me down. I see little has changed. It’s difficult enough to get through high school as it is, to be unable to talk and share with others who felt as I did made it that much harder. Discrimination, pure and simple. That’s why I felt I had to say something.

No doubt, there will be those too closed-minded to see that there are many routes to enlightenment, that we are all on a different paths to the same end. I hope they are able to open their eyes eventually. Through peace we are able to accomplish love, through love we gain understanding.

Sorcha A. Kincaid Wiccan priestess

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