You use your intuition on a daily basis, sometimes on a conscious level and many times on an unconscious level. When you consciously use your intuition, you pay attention to your inner senses. They act as a guide to help you make decisions, take action, and put forth inspiration. Everyone has some natural intuition and can choose to develop it. The angels use your intuition to communicate messages of divine guidance, so the more you enhance your abilities the easier it is to receive clear communication from God and the angels.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the instinctual knowing you get when you listen to your inner senses. Everyone is intuitive, and you can train yourself to become more attuned to your senses. Some people may be more sensitive to what they feel; their intuition speaks to them through sensations in their body. Others may be more sensitive to what they hear, and their intuition speaks to them through their inner thoughts or ideas. Seek to discover which senses you use the most and which ones stand out more distinctly. This helps you focus on your strongest senses to receive intuitive information.

Your intuition is a direct link to the angels. As you develop your intuition, your senses heighten and you learn to trust what you hear, feel, and sense from the angels.

You are more intuitive than you realize. The more you can understand and listen to your intuition the better it can guide you. Below is a list of expressions that people use when they are connected to their intuition. Check and see if you use any of these phrases.

  • I had a feeling. Have you ever had a feeling that something was going to happen and then it did? Did you ever have the feeling you needed to call someone and when you did they needed your help?
  • Something told me. Did you ever hear an inner voice guide you, telling you what to do?
  • I had a dream. Did you ever get a direct message from someone in a dream or did you ever have a dream that later had significant meaning?
  • I had a gut feeling. Did you ever not trust your gut feeling and disaster followed? Now think about a time when you did follow your gut feeling and everything worked out.
  • I just knew. Did you ever have that inner understanding and you knew you were right and nobody could change your mind?

As you pay attention to your senses and you learn to interpret their messages, your intuition can become very valuable. It can direct you to the answers you are seeking.

Try this intuitive exercise. Close your eyes and place your hand on your heart. Take a couple of nice deep breaths. Ask which friend or family member needs to receive a phone call from you. Notice how you feel when you hear that name and ask if there is anything you need to know. Then call that person and see how accurate your intuition was. Don’t be surprised if that person picks up the phone and calls you first.

Direct and Indirect Intuition

Your intuition can communicate in two different ways. Direct intuition is literal and you know exactly what your intuition is saying to you. For example, you are putting an addition onto your house and you have asked the angels to help you find the perfect people to help you build it. You go to the gym and during a break you talk to one of the members. As you are talking, he mentions he’s a builder looking for work. There is no interpretation to be made — this is a direct answer to your prayers.

Sometimes angelic guidance is very direct and you know exactly what they are trying to tell you, but sometimes it’s symbolic and you need to ask for their help to interpret the message. When you are confused and you have trouble interpreting the messages, ask the angels to be more literal or direct with their guidance.

Then there is indirect intuition, which is more symbolic, and you need to contemplate its interpretation. Let’s say you are meditating and you’ve invited your angels into your meditation to give you guidance. You have been looking for a new space to rent for your business. You ask the angels in meditation, “Is the place I looked at today the right space for me to rent?” In your meditation your inner vision shows you a stop sign, but up ahead in the road is a green light. This is a symbolic, indirect way your intuition is communicating with you. When you ask your angels to help you interpret the vision, you realize this place for your business is not the right one (stop sign symbol) but further down the road there is a better choice coming (light is green symbol).

What Are the Clair Senses?

Communication from the angels flows through your psychic senses called “clair” senses. These correspond with the senses you use: seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, tasting, and smelling. It’s important to become familiar with these different clairs. By learning more about them you can pay attention to your senses and use them to receive clear communication from God and the angels.

  • Clairvoyance is clear vision. This is when you have visions, images, or symbols presented to you through your inner vision.
  • Clairsentience is clear feeling. This is when you receive information as a feeling in your body.
  • Clairaudience is clear hearing. This is when you experience or hear clear thoughts or words flowing through your mind and no one is physically talking to you.
  • Claircognizance is clear knowing. When you have an inner knowing you feel very strong that something is true or you know beyond any doubt that you need to take action.
  • Clairgustance is clear taste. When you experience this you have a clear taste of something in your mouth without any explanation of why it’s happening.
  • Clairolfactory is clear smell. When you use this ability you can smell something even though it’s not physically in your presence.

If you choose to become more intuitive or psychic, learn the different clairs and practice using them. Everyone is psychic and everyone can develop his or her abilities. The more you learn to trust the information you receive, the more you can use its valuable information in everyday life.

Clairvoyance: “Clear Seeing”

Many people want to see the angels with their physical eye, but it’s easier to perceive them with your inner vision or your third eye. The third eye is located in the center of your forehead right between your eyebrows. It is the energy center where spiritual visions are transmitted and received. When your third eye is open and clear, you have the ability to receive impressions, visions, and symbols about past, present, and future events.

Precognition is when you receive visions or information about a future event. Most people have precognitive dreams, but it can also happen during meditation or just walking down the street. These visions can be positive or they can be upsetting when the vision pertains to an upcoming death or disaster. If you have precognitive experiences, ask the angels to help you feel comfortable with your ability. It can be a gift, not a burden.

There are so many blessings to receive by opening your third eye and becoming clairvoyant. You can ask for answers and insight to come to you during your dream state. You can ask for clarity from the angels about relationships, health, finances, or even making a decision in order to move forward. Another blessing of being clairvoyant is seeing images of your angels through your third eye or with your physical eyes open.

The best way to receive clairvoyant insight is to put some time aside for meditation during your day. As you sit in silence, allow the visions or symbols to flow through your consciousness. You can ask the angels for guidance on a specific question and then witness what goes through your thoughts. If an image or symbol flashes across your consciousness, go back and ask the angels to clarify what it means.

Meditation for Clairvoyance: Opening Your Third Eye

Find a quiet place to sit where you will not be disturbed.

Ask the angels to surround you with divine love, light, and protection. Share with the angels your desire to become more clairvoyant and ask them to help you open your third eye so you can receive clear visions, symbols, and insight. Then surrender, allow them to help you and breathe into the divine light surrounding you.

With your eyes closed, imagine a beautiful spiritual sun in front of you, the source of God’s love, wisdom, and guidance. Breathe and become one with its light. (Pause) Remind yourself that it’s your natural divine birthright to see clearly into this divine wisdom and to receive the answers you are seeking.

Now, bring awareness to your third eye in the middle of your forehead. Imagine that you can open its lid so you can see more clearly. Remember, you can ask the angels to open it for you. When your third eye is open, ask for the veil to be lifted between heaven and earth. Then breathe in as much light as you can from the divine spiritual sun into your third eye. Imagine the light coming through clearing all darkness. (Pause) Now, allow the wisdom and guidance of the divine to flow into your third eye so you can see clearly all that you need to know. Take a moment and think of a question you would like answered by divine guidance. (Pause) Then ask the angels to communicate the answer through your inner visions or by symbolic understanding. Be patient and know it will come. If you do not understand what they are trying to show you, ask for clarity. (Pause) Now thank the angels and ask them to help you keep your third eye open when it’s appropriate.

Then slowly come back through your breath into the present moment, feeling clear, grateful, and at peace.

Clairaudience: “Clear Hearing”

It’s not uncommon when you first start connecting with the angels and you hear the voice of divine guidance that your first thought is, “It’s just my imagination and I am making it up.” It is important to remember that the voice of the angels isn’t necessarily an audio voice heard from outside of you. It can be a loving, supportive thought communicated through your mind. Sometimes it might feel like a whisper and other times it’s loud and clear.

Here are some of the possible experiences of clairaudience:

  • You hear someone calling your name but no one’s there.
  • You hear songs in your head and the words communicate a message to you.
  • You are driving and you’re lost and you hear a clear voice in your thoughts telling you where to go.
  • You hear inspirational messages of love and guidance communicated through your thoughts.
  • You hear a ringing or different tones playing in your inner ear.

Messages from your angels are always positive, uplifting, and encouraging. If you find the words you hear come from negativity or a place of fear, know that these are not messages from your angels. Most likely they come from your ego. If this happens, ask your ego to sit on the sidelines during meditation and spend some time raising your vibration so you can attune to the higher frequencies of divine guidance.

Exercise to Practice Clairaudience

Bring your journal or some paper and a pen to your quiet place. Set your intention that you are going to receive guidance from the angel about a specific question. Keep your writing materials on your lap and get comfortable. Close your eyes and take some nice deep breaths. Ask the angels to surround you in the protection and love of the divine white light of God. Breathe into this light and imagine that your mind, body, and spirit blend and become one with its magnificence. Then write on your piece of paper, “Dearest angels please help me hear your words of wisdom and guidance to answer the following question.” Then write your question and sit and listen to the words or messages that flow through your mind and thoughts. Even if you think you’re making it up, write it down. Try not to think about it and just let your pen flow and allow it to record the thoughts and words that come to you. After your mind becomes quiet, stop and thank your angels. Read your message and notice how it feels.

Clairsentience: “Clear Feeling”

When you are clairsentient, your intuition speaks to you through your emotions and the physical sensations in your body. Many people who are empathetic (meaning if you are sensitive to the feelings of others around you) are naturally clairsentient. A typical comment from someone who is clairsentient is, “I just had feeling” or, “I had a hunch.”

Remember, the angels use your intuition to communicate their messages of guidance. So they can use your body and its sensations to get your attention. Set your intention that you are going to become more conscious of your feelings and the sensations in your body. Ask your angels to help you know the difference between a good feeling and a bad feeling. This information becomes very valuable. Your angels can then use your body as a messenger to guide you to your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine.

You can tap into your intuition through your sense of feeling and use it to get clarity on making a decision. Place your hand on your heart or on your solar plexus. Think about making your decision, and if you feel peace, most likely there’s going to be a positive outcome. If you feel sick to your stomach, it could lead to a negative outcome.
Here are some possible experiences of clairsentience:

  • You feel a chill down your spine.
  • You get a gut feeling about someone you just met.
  • You have a strong feeling to call a friend and when you do, she needs to talk to you.
  • You feel someone standing over your shoulder and no one is there.
  • Without explanation, you are overcome with emotion.
  • You experience a sudden change in room temperature.

Have you had any of these experiences and did you ever think it might be your angels trying to get your attention? Start turning inward to your senses and notice if your strongest clair is clairsentience. If you recognize this to be true, learn to trust your feelings and allow your intuition to guide you.

If you are empathetic and sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions, it’s important for you to learn to protect yourself. When you are stressed and your energy is low you are more vulnerable to other people’s feelings and emotions. Ask your angels to replenish your energy and surround you with a shield of divine white light. This will increase your energy level and protect you from other people’s negativity.

Fun Practice with Clairsentience

Look at the following scenarios and ask yourself, “Is this a good feeling leading to a positive experience or is this a negative feeling, which yields caution?”

  • You are contemplating taking a new job. You ask for guidance and you feel confusion and nausea.
  • You think or hear an inspirational idea and you feel a chill down your spine.
  • You’re shopping for a new home and you enter a house which feels cold, uncomfortable, and you can’t wait to leave.
  • You meet someone new at an event. You immediately feel comfortable and you talk for hours.
  • You pull your car into a parking spot at the plaza and you feel very vulnerable.
  • You go on a first date and you feel relaxed, comfortable, and you have butterflies in your stomach.

Your feelings are your inner compass. They can guide you in any situation so you can experience a positive outcome. Your job is to pay attention and learn to understand what your feelings are saying. If it’s a not-so-good feeling, think again. If the feeling is peaceful or positive, go for it.

Claircognizance: “Clear Knowing”

Claircognizance is when you have an inner knowing about something or someone. When you use this sense of intuition you know what you are thinking or saying is true beyond any doubt. Many speakers, writers, artists, and inventors naturally use their gifts of claircognizance. They consciously or unconsciously tap into the divine mind for inspiration, creativity, and innovation. When you experience claircognizance, it feels as if your idea or inspiration comes from a higher source and you feel compelled to put it into action.

Here are some possible experiences of claircognizance:

  • You are talking to someone and you know exactly what she is going to say.
  • You receive an idea or inspiration about writing a book and you know you have to do it.
  • You know something about someone but you don’t know how you know it.
  • You know beyond any doubt that you need to move to a particular place.
  • You knew all your life, since a very young age, that you were going to be a teacher, mother, doctor, or any other specific profession.

Have you had any of these experiences or would you like to? If so, pay attention to your ideas, inspirations, or your inner knowing. Learn to trust it and have the courage to act upon it. Know that everyone has the ability to become one with the divine mind. When you choose to, you access the unlimited resource of divine wisdom and knowledge.

Meditation and Prayer for Claircognizance

This is a meditation to open your crown chakra, the energy center at the top of your head. When it is open and clear, you can receive higher wisdom and knowledge from God and the angels. Before you start your meditation, share the following prayer with the angels:

“Dearest angels, please assist me in meditation to open and clear my crown chakra. My desire and intention is to open the channel of communication between myself and the divine so I may easily receive claircognizance information. I want to know beyond any doubt that this information is from a higher source of wisdom. Help me trust what I receive and give me the courage to act upon it for the highest and greatest good of all.”

Now, in your sacred peaceful place for meditation, call upon God and the angels. Close your eyes and breathe one with their loving presence. Feel their desire to assist you. They have heard your prayer and they are working behind the scenes to help you in any way they can. As you breathe, imagine yourself lifting into the higher vibrations of light.

Imagine yourself going right into the spiritual sun, where you connect to the oneness of God and the angels. (Pause) Take a few moments and give yourself permission to relax into this beautiful energy. Feel yourself merging with the one breath of God, the one heartbeat of God. (Pause) Now imagine the top of your head opening and allow the light in. Ask for the divine mind to fill your thoughts with the knowing and inspiration of God and the angels. There is nothing for you to do; just breathe in the light. Sit in quiet, relax and allow yourself to just receive. You are one with the divine mind. Trust that you will easily and effortlessly receive divine inspiration and knowing to assist you in all aspects of your life. (Pause and receive) Thank God and the angels for opening your crown chakra to receive divine wisdom. Share with them your desire to continue to receive clear knowing in your everyday life. Slowly, breathe back into the present moment with gratitude and clarity.

Clairgustance: “Clear Taste” and Clairolfactory: “Clear Smell”

These are two clairs that need to be mentioned, but the experiences of these psychic senses are not as common as the others. The reasoning for this can be that most people don’t pay attention to smell and taste and so they might go unnoticed.

Clairolfactory is the ability to smell something even though it’s not physically there. The most common experience of clairolfactory is when your deceased relatives are around you and you smell something familiar that reminds you of them. For example, the perfume your grandmother wore or the cookies that your mother always baked or the smell of Grandfather’s cigars. Another good example of clairolfactory is the reported phenomenon of smelling roses when people claim the Blessed Mother Mary is around them.

Clairgustance is the ability to taste something when there’s nothing physically in your mouth to create that taste. Again, it’s more common to experience this when your deceased loved ones are around you. Instead of smelling something you actually taste it. If all of a sudden you taste tobacco and you don’t smoke and there is no one around you smoking, most likely you’re sensing someone around you who smoked while he was alive but has now passed. Another experience of clairgustance is you suddenly taste salt water and you are nowhere near the ocean. Your angels might be trying to tell you it’s time to go to the beach or take a vacation.

You can develop both of these senses just by paying attention and taking notice. If you taste or smell something that’s not physically present, ask the angels to help you understand what it’s connected to. There are so many gifts to receive when you choose to develop and enhance your intuition by using your clairs. Remember, be patient with yourself and practice by using the meditations and exercises throughout this book.

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