Love and romance tends to come when we are least expecting love. Going out on the hunt for love will never find you true love.

Remember, love is within our heart. You should never insist that love come immediately. Perhaps it is not your time yet, you are not ready for love or you need to learn some more lessons before love arrives.

Remember, you should never settle for anybody just to have someone. Ask yourself what kind of love you want.

List the qualities you want from a relationship and develop these qualities in yourself then you will attract the love who has these qualities. Be ready for true love when it arrives. Remember to be loving and then you will be loveable.

Body Language
Women are far more aware of romantic body language then are men. Women also have a far greater range of body language signals then what men do.
Men always have a habit of displaying preening behavior when a women approaches. Men will often straighten their jacket, shirt or other clothing as part of their body language. During Body Language they may also rub their hands across their hair. The male may also place his thumbs in his belt pointing towards the genital area. Men also will tend to point their foot at a woman. You will find that he will use an intimate gaze during Body Language and hold that longer then per normal. Often the pupils will become diluted. Men will also often stand with their hands on their hips to display their masculine side. When seated he tends to spread his legs part if interested in the female.

How to Catch a Cheating Partner
Look For the Following Signs
Take notice of abrupt change in behavior. Look for an unusual break in normal routines. Check the phone bill to look for suspicious numbers. Never let anyone know you suspect your partner is cheating, someone may tip your partner off. Your partner suddenly starts having a lot of overtime. Grooming habits change. They suddenly go on a diet which they are totally committed to. In many cases, your partner is cheating with YOUR best friend. She has a male “friend” who’s a good listener. He has a female “friend” who`s a good listener. Be wary of the “There just a friend” statement from your partner. A cheater is always the most suspicious of being cheated on, so if your partner is constantly suspicious of you, it may be showing their own nature. Remember: Men tend to get close when they cheat, Women tend to become distant.

1: Their Love Towards Me.
2: Their Romantic Nature.
3: Their Personality.
4: Everything Single Thing About Them.
5: Their Physical Features.
6:The Friendship We Share Together.
8: A sense Of Being Soul Mates.

First Date Tips
Think what you’ll be doing on the date and dress appropriately. Keep the first date simple, don’t make it complicated. Ask your date many questions and be a good listner. Never put on an act. Be your real self always. Let the person know the real you. Make sure to pay attention when your date is talking to you. Don’t let your mind or eyes roam. Make sure to take along some breath fresheners. Never monopolize the conversation. Don’t drink too much, if at all. Be positive. Remain chaste and you’ll appear classy and in control.

How to Flirt
Be Confident. Ask plenty of questions of the person you’re flirting with, people love to talk about themselves. Always look your best and be prepared. Always be a bearer of good news. Be a good listener. Go out of your way to meet new people. Use plenty of flattery. When you say hello, do so with energy and happiness. Repeat the persons name. Leave them wanting more. Always Limit the amount of time you flirt so as not to become boring. Never get into an argument. Use “Mirroring” Body Language. Drop It….Walk past a guy you like, making eye contact with him….Then drop something….he will bend down to help you pick it up. There’s your opportunity. Give the Head to Toe Look. Use the Over the Shoulder Look. Don’t depend on others to make things happen Never cling. Never follow people around or act needy. Never be insincere. Learn when to say nothing.

Origins Of Kissing
The origins of this form of affection can be traced back to primitive times. Many ancient tribes paid homage to their Chief by kissing the ground over which he has walked. Although its founding as we know it today in relationships and rituals can really be traced back to the Pagan religion. Early Romans kissed each other on the mouth to greet one another in a manner they deemed to be dignified. One Roman emperor even ranked a persons importance by the body part he was allowed to kiss. He allowed important nobles to kiss his lips, less important ones to kiss his hands, and the least important ones to kiss his feet. In the sixth century society accepted the custom of kissing between adults as an expression of their affection. France was the first country to formally accept kissing in courtship. Figure dancing was the rage, and each dance was sealed with a kiss. The custom of kissing swept from France through Europe to Russia. Eventually the kiss was incorporated into marriage ceremonies.

Handling Rejection
Your life was good before, and it will be good again. You can’t make a person love you, accept that fact and move on with your life. Feel secure in your life, don’t get them the chance to reject you a second time. Don’t try to change. Be the real you, not a fake you, you want someone to “love” the “real” you, not the fake you. Talk to someone you trust and let your hurt feelings out, then pick up the pieces and get on with your life. Keep yourself busy instead of dwelling on what happened. You never know what is around the corner.

How To Say I Love You

  • Write love comments in the morning newspaper.
  • Always be “in the mood.”
  • Imagine you are the only two people in the whole world.
  • Leave a love note under the pillow.
  • Write “I Love You” in red lipstick across the bathroom mirror.
  • Place a red rose inside her morning paper.
  • Put a note in a romance novel saying, “The story is great but our own love story is the best”.
  • Send a valentine card in January to get the year rolling.

Dove as a Wedding Gift
A Dove represents the symbol of peace and gentleness. It is often given to the bridal pair as a wedding gift with the promise of a happy life. However it is considered unlucky if the donor pays money for the Doves, so usually it is best to barter something in exchange for the Doves.

If you wish to know the identity of your future husband place a two leaf clover in your right shoe saying : “A clover of two, a clover of two, Put it in your right shoe, The first young man you meet, In the field or lane or street, You’ll have him or one of his name”.

If you dream of clover, prosperity, love and happiness are on their way.

In flowers Ivy means love or marriage.

If you wish to dream of your future partner then pin five bay leaves to the corners and centre of your pillow. This may only be done on Valentines Eve.

Repeat the following before sleep : Good Valentine, be kind to me, In dreams let me my true love see.

The bay tree is part of romantic lore. Apollo fell in love with Daphne, who had resolved to remain a virgin, so her father turned her into a bay tree to protect her from Apollo.

In testing the honesty of a love letter fold it nine times and wear it all day pinned close to your heart. When you go to bed at night place the letter in the left hand of your gloves and place it under your pillow. If in your dreams you see diamonds, gold or other precious gems your love will prove to be truthful. If however you dream of flowers your love will prove false. Be careful not to lose a love letter or you may also lose your love.

Valentines Day
True tradition has it that Valentines Day dates from the one of the pagan spring festivals associated with fertility or virginity. The custom of giving gifts to your loved one also dates from this time. Although in the past your valentine would have been chosen by picking straws, these days it is a little different.

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