Daily tarot readings can help you learn the cards easier.

Do this every evening when you are relaxed and in the right frame of mind.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly. Vegas style shuffling is not necessary! Keep the cards in close contact with your hands, if you can’t shuffle cards in the traditional way, take cards from the pile and move them to a different place until you feel they are mixed up to your satisfaction.While you do this ask the cards “What will tomorrow bring?” Lay the pile in front of you using your left hand (the hand of possibilities) cut the cards into three piles.

Turn over the top three cards from your chosen pile.

  • The first card represents the events leading up to the current time.
  • The second card represents what is going to happen.
  • The third card represents how you will react.

Let the cards talk to you, don’t try to force a meaning onto them. Let your imagination wander and your subconscious take over. Like a day dream the cards will tell you what they want to tell you. Make a story out of the three cards. You will find that this is the way divination starts to work.

Write this reading down and before doing another the following night find out if you were correct and write this down in your note book too.

Write down any feelings you had that you thought might be too far fetched but actually happened.

You have to learn to trust your intuition. Listen to what you are being told and your divinatory skills will grow.

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