Automatic Writing

There are two kinds of automatic writing. One is a channeling process in which the writer is serving as a medium for a spirit who guides the author’s hand over paper (or the computerkeyboard!), producing writing that ranges from letters and memoirs to poems and even entire novels. The other kind of automatic writing involves allowing the unconscious mind to take over and guide your hand, as it writes down things you were not consciously aware of, such as your soul’s memories of previous lives.

As you might expect, the definition of exactly what takes place during the process of automatic writing is subject to debate. Some believe that you are stepping aside and letting your spirit guides speak for you in this process. Others think that other entities may be communicating through you. Whatever the process, the goal is for you to find a resolution of a situation or condition through your writing that you would not have found otherwise.

A hypnotic writing trance can be experienced at different levels. It is entirely possible that you could be in such a deep state that you were totally unaware of what your hands or fingers were doing. At the same time, you may be aware of the process, but you may not recognize the message until it is given to you to put down on paper or enter into your computer.

World-famous psychic Arthur Ford died January 4, 1971. Within a short period after his death, he began to communicate through automatic writing with author and close friend Ruth Montgomery. This correspondence resulted in the book A World Beyond.

Automatic writing doesn’t even have to be writing. Some people can go into a trance and record what they are moved to say, or they may have someone else write down what they are saying. While some psychics accept this form as automatic writing, others argue that it’s simply channeling. You will have to come to your own conclusion, but it may help you to compare this example with the case of a musician who can compose a beautiful piece of music and yet cannot write musical notation — someone else has to write it down so others may play it.

Therapeutic Automatic Writing

Therapeutic automatic writing can help you gain a different perspective on certain events or conditions in your life that need resolution. Just as with a pendulum, the goal is to access your unconscious mind and receive answers to your questions without the interference of your conscious mind. For instance, the words could tell a story that is symbolic of your situation as it could be seen through someone else’s eyes. It is possible that you may not even be aware of what you are writing, and the information could be in complete sentences or fragments and short phrases.

Always make sure that you are grounded and have a clear understanding of what you are looking for before you attempt automatic writing. If at any time you become uncomfortable with the process, take a deep breath, exhale, open your eyes, and come back to the surface of your conscious mind.

Automatic Poetry

Perhaps you already enjoy writing poetry, but did you know that your hobby is therapeutic? That’s because it offers you the opportunity to use verse and symbolism to work out and understand things that may be troubling you. It is possible that you have already been involved in some sort of an automatic trance state to help you, and you may not have been aware of what you were doing. If this is the case, it may be a good time to review your writing and look for the holographic second theme that relates to you.

Channeling Spirits

Channeled written works have been in and out of public favor for the past century. Madame Blavatsky had much to do with the rise in the interest of channeling in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Since that time, there has always been a small interest in the subject with periods of wider publicity, especially during the 1960s, when Jane Roberts published her channeled series of Seth books. Many successful writers are channeling and don’t even know it. For those fortunate few, all they have to do is sit at their keyboard, or get a pencil and paper, and let the words come through.

Automatic writing is a manifestation of spontaneous creativity. During the process, the person doing the writing has no prior knowledge of the information that is brought up to the surface of his conscious mind. As long as the results are positive and can provide something for the good of mankind, it is okay to be open to the wisdoms that come through the automatic creative-writing trance state.

It is possible that you may become the voice for an entity from another world. You may start to write down messages from beings from other planets. These voices may serve as warnings for the peoples of the earth, with predictions of dire consequences if they do not change their negative and destructive ways. It is always your choice as to whether or not you want to write down these messages from beyond. Many times this type of automatic writing echoes the basic truths of universal consciousness.

If you are using automatic writing to channel other entities, you need to make sure that you are grounded — otherwise, you may get results similar to playing with the Ouija board. You might become a voice for a spirit that does not have your best interests in mind. Some spirits may be looking for a way to get their negative messages out. If you are not prepared, one of these spirits may take advantage of you. Always ask your Belief that the information going through you is from a source connected with universal love and peace, and is of the purest intent for all concerned.

Try It Out for Yourself

Now that you have considered the different types of automatic writing, perhaps you would like to give it a try. You can develop your own trance style. You don’t have to understand exactly what is happening when you enter your automatic creative trance, but it’s important for you to be comfortable and to give yourself permission to trust in what is taking place through you, just as with any other psychic gift.

Once you have learned to trust in the knowledge that is to be written through you, you will become more in tune and open to the positive information provided for you by your internal and external guidance systems. You can channel from a positive source, or you can reach into your soul’s rich creative history for inspiration.

The Necessary Preparations

The first step is to prepare yourself. Is it easier for you to write with a pen or pencil on a pad of paper, or to type out the message on a keyboard? It may be easier for you to dictate to a tape recorder or to someone else. You may want to experiment to determine the best method for you.

Once you have made your choice, the next step is to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually before you begin to write. Pick a location that is positive and where you will not be interrupted. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, and wear loose-fitting clothes. You may want to use relaxing sounds or smells to help you enter your trance state.

You may want to set at a desk or table where your arm can rest on the surface. It’s okay to recline and let yourself feel more physically relaxed. Make sure that you have eaten and that you are prepared to stay in your writing state for a specific period of time. The time period does not have to be long, especially at first. It could be fifteen minutes to half an hour, with a goal of eventually being able to remain in a trance state for at least an hour.

If you are using a keyboard, the right chair and the right position are important. If you are going to write in longhand, make sure you have a good pad of paper and several sharp pencils or extra pens. You may want to also have a tape recorder ready.

Setting Down Your Goals

Before you start, write down your goals for the session. You can put them at the top of your paper, or you can make notes on your keyboard screen. If you have questions you would like answered, include them as well. If you are looking for specific information from the Universe or from your soul, clearly define what it is that you are looking for. Start the session with as positive an attitude as possible.

When you have established an automatic writing goal, you may receive suggestions from your guidance systems at any time. You may want to ask your Belief for help with ideas on the subject that you want to write about. Once you have done this, be prepared. Always keep a notepad or a recorder close to you. You may get information in your dreams, in the shower, when you’re exercising or driving, or at almost any other time. After you have noted the idea, it will develop further during your next writing trance.

Prepare Spiritually

You have defined your goals, and it is time to prepare yourself spiritually. That means getting yourself in tune with your internal and external guidance systems and feeling the protection of the Golden Light of the Universe. Use your regular relaxing trance induction, beginning with deep breathing and focusing on your third eye. Next, balance and open your chakras, letting your whole self become balanced. Now let the peaceful and loving Golden Light of the Universe begin to flow into and around your body.

Enclose yourself in the protective bubble of the Universe and ask that you receive only the right information for the greatest good of all. Now ask the Universe for help with your questions or other goals. Suggest to yourself that you will let your conscious mind focus on pleasant thoughts as your unconscious mind opens to the messages of your soul, your unconscious mind, or the Universe, whichever is the most appropriate for you at that time. Suggest to yourself that when you have finished, you will come back to the surface of your conscious mind, relaxed, positive, and in tune.

Now you are prepared and ready to experience automatic writing. Don’t expect earth-shattering results at first. It may take some time to get your bearings. It is not necessary that you even look at your keyboard or the paper. At first it may seem as if all you’re getting is gibberish, but be patient. Don’t let yourself get discouraged.

Writing from Your Unconscious

If you choose to use automatic writing to tap into your unconscious, you have the option of dealing with the past or the future. In terms of writing about the past, you may want to tap into a soul memory. If this is the case, you probably already have a specific time period in mind that you want to write about. Remember your five different senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. Use the images that are the strongest for you so that you can step into the image in your mind.

You may begin to feel like you are observing a play. Make sure you let yourself describe as much of the action and surroundings in all your sense imagery possible. You may hear sound or voices. If so, write down what you are hearing. Listen for as many sounds as possible, and make sure you note them as you write.

You may find that you are actually experiencing the images you are recording while you are in your automatic writing trance. If this is the case, record the emotions, the temperature, tastes, sights, and smells that surround you. You may become a character in the story. Perhaps you are able to step into your writing and experience whenever you want, and at other times step back and watch the action. Some of you may be able to do just one or the other.

Jess Stearn, a biographer of Edgar Cayce, also worked on a biography of Taylor Caldwell and used hypnosis to take Caldwell back to visit some of the past lives that she would write about. The Search for a Soul: Taylor Caldwell’s Psychic Lives was the result of this research.

Where do these psychic experiences come from? Is it just your imagination, or did you tap into a source of knowledge of the past? Perhaps it is a memory of a past life or images given to you by the Universal Mind, or maybe you have tapped into another dimension of time. These questions are up to you to decide.

After you have finished your session, allow yourself some time to readjust to the present. As you look back over your experience, remember that you stepped into a hologram, whose purpose was to switch your focus from your reality into the reality of the images experienced through your unconscious mind. If you were unaware of what you were writing, it may not make any sense at first. Review your collected data and make notes to help establish your goals for your next session.

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