Fairies are little beings that live on the Astral Plane. They can come over, between planes, but it is much easier to contact them through the Astral Plane.


Meditation is one way to contact the fairies. To do this, you should go to a place where you can relax with out any disturbance. Take the phone off the hook and, if necessary, lock the door.

Get into a comfortable position, preferably sitting, because, when you lay down, you may fall asleep.

Close your eyes and breath in and out slowly. Imagine your body relaxing, starting at your toes and going to your head. Spend extra time on your back, arms, and neck, as they build up a lot of tension. You could picture yourself walking down stairs, each step relaxing you.

Once you’re relaxed, picture yourself in a meadow or garden. Forests and rivers are also fine. Ask for the fairies to show themselves and tell them that you mean no harm and only want to learn and talk. This may take time. Once the fairies trust you, they’ll come out.

Always be careful when contacting fairies and carry a charm of protection with you. You don’t want to bump into a violent fairy when you have nothing to protect you. Not all fairies are the cute little pixies we picture flitting around.

While meditating, picture the garden or valley as best you can. See and smell everything around you. Walk around and try to find the fairy trail, the dark green line running through the grass. Once you find this, follow it, in any direction. Along the way, look about you. Think that you would like to contact the kind fairies and tell them that you are not meaning any harm and are only here for some contact.

Once you find a place which you think is fine, sit down on a rock or stump, and talk to the fairies. Show them that you have only good intentions and ask only for the good fairies. They should come, if they believe you.

The Fairy Call
A Spell for Summoning the Fairies

Sit where the cat sits. Cross your toes.
Close your eyes. And smell a rose.
Then say under your breath:
“I believe in fairies, sure as death.”
Gadflykins! Gladtrypins!
Gutterpuss and Cass!
Come to me fairily
Each lad and lass!

From “Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book”

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