Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this walked the earth in flesh and blood…Albert Einstein

It is believed that Star children are coined this name because they have never incarnated here on earth before and may not have any karmic debts to pay. They are here on a special assignment with others to help aid us in a transition to a higher vibrational frequency and a new earth.

The Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children are here to confront us with realities on the level of our families and communities. They are forcing us, through their very presence, to wake up to what we are doing to ourselves and to the planet. They do this in the way of the spiritual warrior, by living their truth and making us aware of our truth.

For these beings of higher consciousness, incarnating on planet Earth at this time is an adventure. It is a “group project” in which thousands of these souls are arriving as teachers and healers for the human race.

The children that are here are teachers of conscious awareness. These children seem somehow smarter, brighter, and wiser. They are attracted to and easily master difficult and complex technologies. They are passionate, focused, and honest about their feelings.

The first teachers of conscious awareness to arrive were the Indigo children. They are spiritual warriors whose function is to clear the old systems so that something new can be created. They are the systems busters who will liberate us from our old ways of thinking.

They do this by incarnating into our families and communities. They bring with them their gifts of advanced spiritual development, a high level of consciousness, and wisdom. They are spiritually aware and awake and refuse to allow themselves to be constrained or enslaved by impersonal systems.

They show us that gentle, wise, and high-level beings cannot flourish and thrive in the systems we have created. The high level of adolescent and teenage dysfunction among Indigo children in our society is a signal that our society is dysfunctional and needs to change to accommodate beings of higher ability.

The Indigo children are the trailblazers, the ones who shock us into awareness and instigate change. An even more powerful group, the Crystal children, follows them. These children are warriors of the heart. They are here to teach us the ways of love and peace.

Crystal children are considered to be fully developed masters who carry the Christ consciousness seed within them. This term denotes a being that is aware of his or her connection with a Divine source and chooses to live in harmony with this knowing.

The mission of lightworkers is to teach us to be a light to ourselves and to others. Star children are here to build and spread the light for all of humanity. This is why they are here at this critical time in humanity’s evolution.

You can be a light and spread your own light by focusing your intention on what you want in your life. Those who focus on what others have are seeing their lives from a point of lack. By focusing your energy on what you want, you bring the light into your life and then spread the light to others. Each of you is important to the task that you have come to do. The result of your energy is continuously manifested all around you. Take this power that has been taught to us by Star children and use it wisely, for you have come to spread the light to the world. Use it well and create heaven on earth, for yourselves and for all of humanity through conscious awareness.

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