You will notice the etheric field around you and other objects within your range of sight. This energy field is known as the etheric plane. It will appear as a thick white band of energy around objects. In stilling the mind you will notice the energy field appears to change to a golden colour this field is known as the mental body.
I recommended you do this technique daily for around 40 minutes

Print the image onto a white sheet of paper or card A4 size. Make sure the image is in the centre of the card. it best printed about the size as you see it here. Then find a wall and tape the back of the card on the corner and place it on the wall. So when you are sitting its at your eye line.

Then move back about 1.5 metres from the image on the wall sit down. Use a pillow to sit on. Then stare at the black dot in the centre and as thoughts arise release them with the breath and return your focus to the black dot.

Do this daily for around 40 minutes and keep a journal to write down your feelings you get, the things you see, energies you feel, the movement of energy, and spiritual contact you my have. Even write the colour of the clouds and you see around you.

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