Wasabi: ground Japanese horseradish root; spicy enough to tickle your nose with a peacock feather. It’s usually ground into a green paste. Rarely sold fresh in the United States, it’s available as aninstant powder or, increasingly, prepared paste sold in tubes.

Nori: roasted seaweed sheets. With an herbal, vegetal scent, these black or black-green sheets are at once crispy and pliable. Nori is used to wrap short-grained, vinegared rice for sushi. Cone-shaped wraps are called hand rolls, while cylinders are “maki.” Extra-thin julienne of nori are also available for those who prefer to skip the rolling, and simply garnish their rice with flavorful, nutritious weeds of the briny deep.

Rice Vinegar: less acidic than American wine vinegar. It has a clean taste and is asc


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