Identify Your Guides, Spirits, or Angels

You may ask that you hear the voice or voices of your guides, angels, or other spirits. There may be more than one guide, each of whom has a specific purpose in communicating with you. You may get an answer through your own internal voice, or you might hear other voices. You may hear the voice of a loved one who has passed over to the Other Side.

You can ask the name of the voice on the other end. It may be revealed to you, or you may come up with your own name. Do your voices have an agenda for you? If you have a question for the Universal Mind, your guides, or the angels, you may ask and turn it over for an appropriate answer. You may or may not get an answer right away. You may receive insights on world conditions, advice on health issues for others as well as for yourself, or spiritual messages that can help you grow in your knowledge of the Universe.

Dreams You Hear

Do you hear voices in your dreams? Is the voice from your guides, angels, or other spirits? Are the voices from deceased loved ones? Do you hear the Voice of God or other divine figures when you dream? Do you receive universal insights when you are asleep?

Do you hear conversations in your dreams? If so, are you listening to others, or are you participating in the dialogue? Have you ever dreamed a conversation and then experienced it when you were awake? Do you have dreams of conversations from a different time in history, as if you were hearing an event that has already taken place?

Do you hear sounds when you dream? If so, what are they, and what do they mean? Do you dream the same sounds over and over, or do you get different sounds such as water flowing, wind blowing, or natural or mechanical sounds? Can you determine a pattern of events in relationship to sounds that you dream? Are the sounds pleasant or unpleasant?

Do you hear music in your dreams? Is it something you have heard before, or are the melodies entirely new? Do you dream music and then hear it played somewhere at a later time? If you write music, have you ever dreamed the main idea of any of your compositions?

Keep a Record of Your Experiences

While you are in a relaxed state, ask yourself if there are any other kinds of internal clairaudience that you may receive. You may hear intuitive voices that may or may not make sense to you. Remember, you are the information gatherer at this point in your life map. Even though you may not understand it at the time you receive it, its purpose may become apparent in the future.

Be prepared! Keep writing material close to your bed for insights that come in the night. You may even need a flashlight so you can see to make notes. When you travel, carry a small notepad or diary with you. If you choose to use a recording device to make your notes on, always carry a fresh set of batteries and extra tape.

You may hear the information more than once from both your internal and external sources. As you become more aware of your clairaudience, it is a good idea to keep notes of what you hear internally. You can write down an event after it happens — as soon as you can — making note of the time, date, and your mental, physical, and spiritual condition at the time. Also make note of each situation, including associations with other people, needs that you may have, and even locations and the regularity of your clairaudience.

You may find a special place, time, and technique that will provide you with the best and clearest psychic clairaudient experience. Once you have identified your best signal, anchor the state so that you can also use it in different locations. Give yourself a key word, phrase, or touch to help you connect with your psychic intuition. The more you practice, the easier it will be to enter your clairaudient state.

External Clairaudience Development

Now it’s time to check your external clairaudience. When you actually hear voices, sounds, or music that others may not, it is often difficult to get anyone else to believe you really heard something that they didn’t. It is always nice to have someone else verify what you have heard, but it is not necessary. The important thing is for you to feel comfortable with your psychic ability to hear more than most others do. For example, you may be able to hear different tone frequencies or much weaker signals than most other people can.

Because the external clairaudience experience can happen without warning, it is possible that sometimes it might catch you off guard. However, you should always remember that you can take your Belief, the Golden Light of the Universe, and your guides, angels, or other spirits with you wherever you go. You may always feel grounded and safe regardless of any voices, sounds, or music that you hear without warning.

Every day, especially the first thing in the morning, take the time to find a few moments to center yourself. If you allow yourself to feel in balance with your mind, body, and soul, you will be prepared for external clairaudience.

Do you hear any external voices, sounds, or music? If so, do you hear the same thing over and over, or do you hear different sounds, voices, or music? Are there any specific places where you hear these sounds? If so, how well do you hear them? Can you focus on these sounds so that they can become clearer?

Can you remember external clairaudience and recall it later in your mind? If so, can you replay the sounds? Can you turn the volume up or down, or slow down or speed up the sounds you first heard externally. Can you remember what you have heard long enough to write it down?

Do you hear sounds from plants? Some people can actually hear a plant make a sound when it needs watering. If you can hear other sounds, what are they? You may hear the sound of energy as it moves through the air. You may hear sounds that relate to emotions emitted by other people or even animals.

Sounds from the Past and Future

Can you visit a location and hear sounds that may have been made there some time before? If so, can you determine when the sounds were made and what was taking place at that time? Do you hear the same sounds at the same location at different times? Can you tell the mood of the sounds? Can you remember these sounds so that you can recall them at a later time?

Do you hear external voices, sounds, or music that relates to the future? If so, do you receive warnings, good news, or even sweepstake numbers? Can you identify the voices, sounds, or music you hear externally? Do they come to you at specific times, places, or locations? Does a voice ever speak to you “out of nowhere” to warn you of impending danger?

Psychic Hearing and Vision Combined

Now it’s time to combine your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities to examine how they work together. If you’re ready, you will experience your internal psychic seeing and hearing abilities first.

Find a comfortable place, and prepare yourself to experience your universal golden light trance. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Close your eyes, and focus on your third-eye chakra. You may allow yourself to open and balance your chakras, taking time to feel the positive, peaceful, and loving energy of the Universe.

Wrap yourself in a bubble of golden light from the Universe, and then focus on the psychic energy flow of your third-eye and throat energy centers. When you feel very comfortable and peaceful, you may ask your Belief to experience either a visual image or a sound in your mind that may help you in your psychic development. Be patient. At first the images may come slowly.

If for any reason you become uncomfortable, you may always stop, take a deep breath, exhale, open your eyes, and come back to your conscious mind relaxed and feeling positive and filled with the peace and love of the Universe.

As you learn to “tune in” to your psychic flow, it will become easier and easier to connect. You may have a lot of conscious clutter that needs to be filtered out. You can accomplish this by just letting it come and go without trying to control it. If you resist or try to redirect your conscious clutter, you will wind up fighting it rather than stepping aside and letting it flow off into space.

Let any images you have become clearer and clearer with each breath you take. Can you see and hear your image at the same time? Can you change views or raise and lower the volume of the sounds you hear? Can you watch your images as if you were watching a movie or video? Can you replay or slow down or speed up your images?

Moving Through Time

Can you receive images in pictures and sound that relate to the future? If so, do they relate to you, to someone you know, or to a larger area? Can you be shown and told things that will be helpful to you and/or others in the future? Can you see and hear warnings through your internal images?

Can you experience images and sounds together that are from a different time in history? Perhaps the images are from a past-life memory. Can you project your mind back to a period of history and see and hear what it was like to be there? Can you remember these experiences and replay them later in your mind?

Also consider your dreams. Can you remember dreams when you were able to see an image and hear the sounds? If so, can you interpret what your dreams mean? Can you see and hear a deceased relative or another person from the Other Side? Do these dreams relate to the past, present, or future?

Switching to External Mode

Now it’s time to combine external vision and hearing. Have you ever found yourself drifting off in your mind and experiencing a visual scene that is accompanied by sounds? Have you ever been in a specific location and flashed back to a different time period and heard and saw it as a reality? Are you able to see and hear spirits, angels, or other entities? If so, can any of these beings communicate with you?

Are there any other ways that you are intuitively able to hear and see images? If so, have you learned what these images mean? Are you afraid of them, or have you learned to rely on them for guidance? Can you remember the images after you have experienced them? Do you enjoy your contact with your psychic pictures and sounds?

As you learn how to balance and use your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, you will begin to rely on these abilities for insights and guidance in your work, relationships, and spiritual development, as well as in other aspects of your life. Be patient, and remember to stay grounded and protected. Like any other skill or talent, the more you use it, the more it is ready to work for you.

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