All crystals and gemstones ‘vibrate’ on their own individual frequency. In that respect they are similar to us human beings. We have all had the experience of meeting a perfect stranger for the very first time and either liking that person immediately or feeling an antipathy towards them – without in any way being able to explain our feelings or emotions. To fall in perfect love is a beautiful and wondrous experience – the coming together of two minds, two spirits and two physical bodies, both ‘vibrating’ on the same beautiful frequency! Crystals and gemstones should be chosen in exactly the same way. It is so very important that the stones which we choose and use should ‘vibrate’ on a frequency as close as possible to our own.

Individual methods of choosing crystals and gemstones vary from person to person but normally include:-

1) Close your eyes and quietly meditate for a few moments. Then open your eyes very quickly and pick up the very first stone to which your eye becomes naturally drawn.

2) Run your hand (either your left or right hand depending upon which you prefer to use) over all the stones available for selection. You will soon discover that one stone will ‘stick’ to your hand as if it is ‘tacky’ or surrounded with glue. It may also feel warm to the touch. This is your stone.

3) Intuitively you will instinctively ‘know’ which stone you should choose and which is ‘right’ for you! You might feel as if the stone is jumping up and down shouting, “Me! Me! Me! Choose Me!” Or you might sense or even ‘see’ a strong crystalline white light radiating from the stone and attracting you like a magnet.

4) Should you happen to be a competent dowser then you should be able to select the most appropriate stone by using your own individual dowsing techniques ………… And sometimes you truly feel as if your stones are actually choosing you! This has often happened to me.

All my most powerful and energized quartz crystals have all arrived on my doorstep for a particular purpose and have a special reason for wanting me to work with them. Normally they have been either absolutely free or have cost me very little money. Should you wish to choose a quartz crystal or a gemstone for one of your friends who, perhaps, lives some distance away from you, follow exactly the same principles as if you were choosing a personal stone for yourself but on this occasion visualize, as strongly as possible, a picture of your friend within your mind’s eye. With a little practice you will soon discover that it is very easy to select just the right quartz crystal or gemstone for any of your friends who are unable to choose their stones in person for themselves.

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