I would suggest that you start to learn tarot cards with a deck that is easy to read and understand. The Rider-Waite deck is excellent for this. However it may not be your cup of tea, as everyone is different. When you start to look around for your chosen deck, if possible go to a shop that sells lots of different decks and ask to be allowed to hold them. The cards almost choose you. You will feel drawn to a particular deck and often it is not the one you thought you would choose.

Once you have got them home you need to cleanse and charge them.

Cleansing is done with either salt crystals or incense. I recommend the incense and a clearing visualization. Incense represents air which is the element of wisdom and knowledge and also psychic powers.

Charging – This is done by shuffling and holding them until they feel part of you. I recommend sleeping with them for a few nights until when you pick them up they do not feel cold or alien but instead like something you have owned for years and has your personality stamped on to it.

Keep them wrapped in silk or velvet. Some say that energies are lost if you use man made material but I personally feel that unwrapping them from rich material gives a special feel to the cards and makes you feel you are opening a gateway into another world.

Do not be afraid of your tarot cards. You are not doing something forbidden or evil. They are after all just made of paper and paint. It is the intent in which they are used that make them what they are.

Before you use them ground and shield and ask for only positivity and needed information to be given. Surround your cards with an image of a golden sphere of protection. Do not pass on negativity or unpleasantness. Keeping your cards positive will ensure positive messages come through.

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