You will need:

  • Lavender
  • Lavender oil
  • Rosemary
  • Glass bowl
  • Spring water
  • Rose quartz crytsal
  • White candle

Decorate the cot or bed with daisies. The night before the ritual, sprinkle a circle of flax seed around the babies sleeping area to protect and begin the blessing.

Bathe the baby in a warm bath that has a piece of elderwood in it. (Or place a handful of elderflower blossoms in a muslin bag and float in the water).

Burn incense that is made of 1 part cedar, 1 part lavender, 1/2 part rosemary. Grind together with a mortar and pestle and burn on a charcoal disc or just throw handfuls of the mixture on an open

Set up a small altar with a crystal or glass bowl of springwater in which a piece of rose quartz crystal has been placed. Also a white candle in which the name of your baby has been carved and traced over with some lavender oil.

Hold the baby in your arms and say:

(Name) you are held in the embrace of the Lady and Lord.
May your life be a divine work of art
And all the blessings of the Universe bestowed upon you

Sprinkle a little of the springwater on her head as you say:

Blessed is (Name) by sacred Water and Earth

Fan a little of the incense smoke over her as you say:

Blessed is (Name) by sacred Fire and Air

Seal the blessing with the Witches’ sacred words:

So Mote It Be

Now have a celebratory party to honor your child’s blessing.

Plant a patch of Iris on the day of your baby blessing ceremony. It can be done as a part of the rite and as the flowers grow so will your child’s wellbeing and happiness.

Note: Feel free to elaborate on the above and include words and actions that are particularly meaningful to you. As a part of the ceremony you might like to write a letter to your child expressing your love, hopes and dreams for her. Seal with wax and place in a safe chamber until the child’s sixteenth birthday, upon which you have another ‘Rites of Maturing’ blessing ceremony when the child can break the seal, open the letter and read.


Hang a mulberry leaf above your baby’s crib to protect it

The juice of the milkweed herb, (press the leaves and stem) can be anointed on the baby’s third eye (between the eyebrows) upon waking to enhance imagination and creativity.

Add parsley to the baby’s bathwater for protection.

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