I am the waning Moon. The Goddess who is fading from the land. In the springtime, I sought my Lord and mated with him beneath the trees and stars.

At Beltane I wed my Lord beneath the first blossoms of the hawthorn tree

And in the summertime, I ripened the apples in the orchards and fruit grew round and strong like the seed in my womb. At the corn arvest I cut down my Lord. That by His death our people might feed.

And now in autumtime, I decend beneath the Earth to dwell with my Lord in his dark kingdom until our child is born. At Winter Solstice, I will bring forth the child and renew our hope. And at Candlemas, I myself will return to renew the land.

I leave you but return to you. When you see my power fade and the leaves fall from the trees. When snow obliterates like death and ll traces of me upon the Earth, then look for me inside the moon and there in the heavens you will see the soul of me soaring still amongst the stars. And in the darkest time when the moon is covered by shadow and there is no trace of Me in Heaven or on Earth; when you look outward and your life seems cold, dark and barren, let not despair eat at your hearts.

For I am hidden. I am renewing when I am waning. I am readying for return. Remember my promise and look within you and there you will find the spirit of me awaiting those who seek. For the well-spring of your being, I await you always.

I am Diana in Heaven, on Earth Persephone, and within you the dark Hecate. Triple am I; the only three. My body Earth. My soul the Moon and within the innermost self: the eternal spirit of Me.



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