Cartomancy means divination by playing cards. Strictly it means divination using cards and therefore could include the tarot but for this exercise we shall be concentrating on playing card cartomancy.A pack should be reserved for divination only. Different energies are used for game playing and divination and therefore are in compatible.

You should cleanse and charge your cards the same way as you would tarot cards or any other magickal tool.

Cleansing – is done with either salt crystals or incense. I recommend the incense and a clearing visualization. Incense represents air which is the element of wisdom and knowledge and also psychic powers.

Charging – This is done by shuffling and holding them until they feel part of you. I recommend sleeping with them for a few nights until when you pick them up they do not feel cold or alien but instead like something you have owned for years and has your personality stamped on to it.

Before you use them ground and shield and ask for only positivity and needed information to be given. Surround your cards with an image of a golden sphere of protection. Do not pass on negativity or unpleasantness. Keeping your cards positive will ensure positive messages come through.

Preparing for a Reading
You may want to help you to get into the right frame of mind by using A yellow candle and frankincense incense to help you with your divinatory powers.Also ground and shield and ask for positive messages to be received.

You should lay your cards out on a cloth to keep them clean and save this cloth just for your readings. I use a silk square but you could use velvet or even cotton.

Your cards should first be shuffled by you to clear any other energies they may have picked up that could affect the reading. If you are giving a reading to someone else you then pass the cards to them. Ask the querant to think about their question whilst they shuffle, also make sure they shuffle until they feel satisfied.

Once this is done, ask them to lay the cards down in front of them and cut the cards using their left hand.

Some layouts ask you to use a querant card to represent the questioner. This can be done in two ways.

One, choose the picture card that represents their star sign and sex. EG: An adult woman with a pisces star sign would be; the Queen of Hearts .Or a taurean male would be the King of Diamonds.

Two, you could choose any card from the entire deck either at random or specifically chosen if it represents the question. Example – You could choose the three of spades if someone suspected their partner of having an affair.

Laying Out the Cards
Below are several different ways of laying out the cards for a reading.

Nine Card Spread
Choose nine cards from anywhere in the pack and arange them in three rows of three. Read the card in phrases of three first across then down and finally diagonally. The first card represents the reader and card five is important as it joins all three directions together. This spread is sometimes used as a guide to the full reading and some or all of the cards may need to be investigated seperately. So making notes will be important.

A Full Spread
Take the first card from the nine card spread and set it in the middle of the table. Ask the querant to shuffle the cards again then choose one card from the deck to lay on top of the first card. You then arrange sixteen cards around these cards in the form of a four armed cross.

Starting at the 12 o’clock position, then moving to the 6 o’clock position then the 9 o’clock position then the 3 o’clock position. Then back to the 12 o’clock position laying this card above the first. Continue until you have four cards in each arm of the cross.

The arm at the 9 o’clock position represents the future.
The arm at the 3 o’clock position represents the past.
The arm at the 12 o’clock position represents what you are working towards.
The arm at the 6 o’clock position represents what influences current events.

The card that covers the first card is the card that holds the key to the whole reading.

Seven Card Spread
Each card represents the day of the week starting with the day of the reading.

A Three Card Spread
Each card reading from right to left represents Past present and future.

Wish Card
To understand your hearts desire choose one card to be interpretted as your wish card.


  • Diamonds – Earth signs. Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.
  • Spades – Air signs. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
  • Clubs – Fire signs. Saggitarius, Aries and Leo.
  • Hearts – Water signs. Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

The different suits can also be used to specify a time:

  • Diamonds – Winter months. December, January, February.
  • Spades – Spring months. March, April, May.
  • Clubs – Summer months. June, July, August.
  • Hearts – Autumnal months. September, October, November.

The suit of Diamonds represents the earth element and the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Earth is productivity, growth, reliabity, steadfastness and strength, also work and money issues. Earth signs are Earthy, practical, kind, stubborn, good with money and business, hard workers and productive types.

ACE – A long awaited letter or important document. New beginnings, new job, starting a business.

TWO – A love affair or close relationship should be progressing steadily even if it attracts disapproval from others.

THREE – Partnerships come under scrutiny and tact may be required if disputes are to be avoided. Outlook good as long as cooperation is maintained.

FOUR – Beware harsh words or rash actions matters can be resolved with patience and understanding.

FIVE – News of a birth or a childs acheivement. New ventures are favoured at this time.

SIX – Marital differences that could lead to seperation or divorce. Work may be needed to make the relationship work. Reassess what you want.

SEVEN – Minor problems at work or at homethrough petty jealousy, gossip or misunderstandings.

EIGHT – Romance and travel are indicated fluctuations of fortunes a small loss or a lucky gamble.

NINE – A new business deal or venture, a change of house, new relationship or occupation. Increase in income and a lively happy social life.

TEN – Travel, a holiday romance, or a secure looking financial future.

JACK – A young friend or relative brings news that may be unwelcome also a warning to guard against dishonesty.

QUEEN – A woman who may pose a threat to the questioners love life or business affairs. A woman with an earth sign as their birth sign.

KING – An ambitious influential man who has it in his powers to help or hinder the questioner, propositions should be considered carefully. Male with earth sign.

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