Simple Candle Spells


1) At sunrise light a light-blue candle, do every morning for 7 days, this protects against evil influences, promotes harmony in a love relationship and is an antidote to quarrelling.

2) For good luck and to restore good fortune, burn 1 yellow and 1 brown candle.

3) To attract great financial luck, burn 3 candles, 1 brown 1 yellow, 1 orange.

4) For luck in love, burn a red candle.

5) To start a favorable week, burn 1 orange and 1 blue candle, the combination is a powerful one.

6) To avoid scandal and malicious gossip, burn a silver candle.

7) To break up a love affair, burn 1 green and 1 black candle, this negative combination is powerful.

8) For good fortune to come to you, burn 1 orange and 1 blue candle on a Monday.

9) To attract success, fame, honor and power, burn an orange candle each morning on waking.

10) During the night, burn a turquoise candle if a decision concerning the future is about to be made. This will ensure peace and optimism.

11) To keep financial problems from your door, burn 3 pale orange candles, every day for 3 days,missing one day, will invite a bad day.

12) To prevent rape/violence, burn one yellow and one violet candle before sleep.

13) To prevent robbery and assault, burn a green candle at sunset every day.

14) Maximum protection against violent crime, burn a lime green candle at sunset every night.

15) To help prevent financial loss and disaster, burn a green and red/gold candle, it also helps prevent disloyalty in a love relationship.

16) To restore harmony and stability if domestic turmoil erupts, burn one green and one purple candle.



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