You will need:

  • Your Altar
  • 1 White candle
  • 1 Black candle
  • Your Cauldron
  • A Pen
  • 2 pieces of paper
  • Some Good luck oil
  • Some Banishing oil
  • A Petitioner candle (A candle that represents you)
  • Some Incense

Construct your magick circle. Call Quarters. Construct Altar. Invoke Goddess and God. Light incense. Anoint black candle with banishing oil, imagining all obstacles, ill habits etc. falling away from you. Light candle and say,

I empower this candle to absorb all negative forces acting upon me. As this candle burns, so let its powers engulf all negative energies, leaving my path clear for success.

Anoint white candle with good luck oil, imaging all good thoughts, successes and positive forces flocking unto you. Light candle and say,

I empower this candle to attract all powers wondrous and good. As this candle burns, so might it purify me as I prepare for this next journey.

Light petitioner candle and say,

As this candle represents myself, the humble priestess, let it be a beacon for positive energies, love, light and prosperity. As this candle burns bright, so may the light of my journey burn bright with happiness and gifts from the Lord and the Lady in this coming year.

Place this candle between the white and black candles. Take a moment to reflect on your past year. Especially reflect on regrets, flaws you have, mistakes you have made. Write these down on the paper. Then burn the paper over the black candle and say,

As the snake sheds its skin, so do I shed these bad habits.

Drop this paper in the cauldron.

Reflect on all things you wish to accomplish in your coming year, all traits you wish to acquire, experiences you hope to gain. Write these down on the paper. Burn this paper over the white candle and say,

As the Lady watches over me, so shall I gain all these good things.

Drop this in the cauldron. Raise your arms and say:

On this day of my birth, may my magick be replenished and empowered. May my body be flushed with the light of the Lord and the Lady.

Thank the God and Goddess and have your cake and wine. Close the circle. Your rite is done.

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