Automatic writing is where you try to contact your spirit guide, someone deceased or someone existing in the otherworld. You need to be in a trance-like state in order to perform this. Basically, you’re not conscious of what you’re writing because you’re in a trance. We use automatic writing for one reason, to confirm something with a spirit guide, someone deceased or from the otherworld. This is an advanced form of divination. If you are not prepared for this, or simply not ready, do not perform this. Communicating with astral beings can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly. And remember, you may not like all the answers you hear, so be sure that you are really ready to hear those answers.

First of all, if you are talking to your spirit guide, you need to have a relationship with him/her. Once that is established, this task will be much easier to perform. You can find information on communicating with your spirit guide in this grimoire.

You need a pad of paper and a pen or you can open a blank document on your computer. Be sure you are free of distractions. Get relaxed. You can light some incense if it helps with relaxation. Be sure to cast a circle of protection before performing any form of divination like this. Now you need to get into a trace-like state. Clear your mind of chatter, relax your muscles and breathe deeply. Feel your body relax. When you find that state, it’s time to start.

Focus a bit on the person you are trying to contact. When you feel a comfortable presence, you can now concentrate on the question you need answered. If you do not feel comfortable, demand the entity to leave and when it has, close the circle and try again another day.

Get ready to start writing/typing. Continue to breathe and remain in that trance-like state. Now look away at something nearby to keep the left-side of your brain busy, while the right side does the channelling. This is to ensure that you do not spend time to listen to the information. Just write it as it is dictated. Let the information flow. Do not worry about what it is or what it means until you’re completely finished. When you are done, take some time to interpret what was written.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable, STOP.

Automatic writing is not for everyone, but if it is for you, you will know. And if it is not, do not give up as there are many forms of divination to learn.

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