Trine: A definition of the trine, an aspect in astrology.

Moon Void of Course: A definition of the phrase moon void of course, when used in astrology.

Rising Sign: A definition of the rising signinastrology.

Decan: The definition of the decan, as used in astrology.

Lunation: A definition of lunation, when used in astrology.

Stellium:Adefinitionof the word stellium, as used in astrology.

Ephemeris: A definition of ephemeris, used as a tool in astrology.

Orb: A definition of the orb in astrology.

Descendant: A definition of the descendant in astrology.

Polarity: Definition of the word polarity, used in astrology.

Solar Chart: The definition of a solar chart in astrology.

Cusp: The definition of the term cusp, when used in astrology.

Ascendant: A definition of the ascendant in astrology.

Degree: The definition of degree, and how its used to describe the astrological chart.

Sextile: A definition of the sextile, an aspect in astrology.

Quincunx:Adefinitionof the quincunx, an aspect in astrology.

The Square: A definition of the square aspect in astrology.

Opposition: A definition of the aspect known as the opposition in astrology.

Conjunction: The definition of the conjunction in Astrology.

Transit: A definition of the word transit in astrology.

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