I’m Luna, the author and artist of Luna’s Grimoire. My real name is Désiré, and after living in the sunny Caribbean for 19 years, I am finally back home in England. My journey has been quite a difficult one, but I will continue to fight and push past every obstacle until my life’s purpose has been fulfilled. No life worth living comes easy. I’ve been sick since 2009 and battle daily with my body failing me in different ways. I’ve survived nine years of sexual abuse and still manage to not hate myself, or the other party, for it. I’ve lost everything, including my home, my sense of security, hope, faith, and a couple times my sanity and will to live. And here I stand, not waving that white flag, because failure is when you stop trying. I’m broken in many ways, but I will not give in.

I started Luna’s Grimoire back in 2012 as a digital research collection and a blog to monitor my own spiritual growth. I was physically ill, mentally broken, emotionally spiralling, and spiritually ungrounded. I had been ill for three years and no one had any idea on how to fix it.

After weeks of meditation, I started by trying to get physically healthier and coming off of all the medication I was on for my chronic issues. I looked for ways to heal my body with food, which lead me to crystal healing. Slowly, I was getting better, and within a year, I was off all of my medication and had more energy than ever to do the things I wanted to do. The blog got some interesting attraction and the community started to grow.

By 2014, we had an active community, and it was continuously growing and changing. I went back into full time work so that I could finally think about getting my own place and standing on my own feet, but that took time from Luna’s Grimoire and the community slowly died. Over the years, I tried all sorts of ways to rejuvenate it, but I never really had the time to dedicate to any sustainable growth.

In mid-2016, I lost everything; my home, my business, money, everything. I had no idea what I was going to do. I had no way of paying bills, no means of eating. And there was no foreseeable end to that hell. So I thought it was high time for a change.

In December 2016, I migrated back to England after being away for 19 years. I struggled to get on my feet and find my footing. Slowly though, I gained some progress. And within six months, I was out of a job again, on benefits to survive, and battling severe depression daily.

Ten years of constantly being knocked down after trying to get back on your feet over and over again tends to wear you down. This time, I decided to stop. I was constantly trying to fix things and got the same result. Time to try something different.

I used some of the last money I had to buy some jewellery making tools and material and learned wire wrapping, which lead me to making symbols, which lead me right back to Luna’s Grimoire. After hours of meditation and thought, I looked at the project with a new perspective and shifted the focus on it. I grew so much since that broken person in 2012, and so did Luna’s Grimoire. It was no longer about my spiritual journey. It was about enlightening humanity. The mission became enlightening people to heal themselves, give them new purpose to break free from their own mental shackles, and be happier, healthier humans so we can have a better future as individuals and as a species.

In order to heal others I need to heal myself. I need to get out of this cycle of things not working. I need to be able to pay my own bills and do something meaningful. And so, I turn to Luna’s Grimoire to make that possible. Help me to help you. I heal you. You heal me. It’s a constant positive cycle of giving and receiving, and little by little, we shall all prosper from it.

For those of you who think I’m unwilling to go out to work, I’ve applied to 1723 jobs in six weeks with not one of them being successful. Recruiters and HR managers alike cannot understand how someone with seven years of strong marketing experience and a successful track record is unemployed.

Let’s join hands on this journey as a community and help one another. Let me help you find the answers you need, and in exchange, keep my electric running and bread on my table. Let’s grow something together. Luna’s Grimoire was never just about me; it was always about us.

So, let’s heal the world together, one day at a time.

Shine on, Lunari’s! ✨🌙

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