Luna is a fictional character based on a real person. 


Who is Luna? 

Luna is a research student studying Philosophy at a local university in her home town of Harlow, Essex. Caring, kind, generous and a little clumsy, she has always been a gentle soul and a lover of animals. She’s deeply empathetic and is disturbed by the current state of the world but she knows that there isn’t much she can do immediately, or on her own, so she accepts the world for what it is and works on her plans to make the world a better place, starting with her home town. 

Luna believes that the rise of technology, globalization and the shift in modern media consumption, has caused a cultural breakdown in ethics, morals and values, which has caused a lack of empathy between humans, which is not found anywhere else in the Animal Kingdom. A lack of empathy, added with global greed, creates an unstable concoction of war, selfishness, poverty, and degration of society and humanity. She has observed this even in her peers, when they began working against each other to get to certain jobs, or even purchase material items like clothes, in their drive for success, power and money. Her friends who were once all so close, have now parted ways on hostile terms. 

Disturbed by this, Luna plans on using her knowledge and philosophical skills to push a shift in the education system to allow the school syllabus to include social skills, teaching younger children about empathy, generousity, and caring for the people around them. She hopes to one day open an animal shelter where school students can volunteer as a part of their school curriculum and learn how to care for animals and others; by doing this, she hopes that a little more empathy can be added into the society. 

Luna believes that the only way to fix the world is to start with yourself, and bit by bit, you’ll spread that influence among the people in your company. 

What is Luna’s Grimoire? 

img_0706Cultures and religions have always been topics of interest for Luna. When she was about 9, Luna began reading world history, Shakespeare, psychology, and ancient religions and cultures. As she got older, she began exploring the cultures and religions of ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome and India, which lead her to Buddhism, Paganism, Wicca and New Age Spirituality. So it wasn’t surprising that Luna’s Grimoire came to life. 

While studying, Luna began publishing her collections and findings on a website she created called Luna’s Grimoire. Why ‘grimoire’? Well, a grimoire is traditionally a textbook of magic, and she thought her vast collection of information quite magical; couple that with the fact that all the information is like a textbook, and you have yourself a grimoire. 

Luna’s Grimoire became a popular website in its category and she began to see a need for educating people about each spiritual path she encountered, since many were either misunderstood or misused; and so, Luna began teaching and guiding her readers onto the right path, and the path of light. 

As you can imagine, you will find many people searching for dark paths too; but Luna remained steady in her method and decision to stay in the light; there are many other places one can go to find darkness. 

Luna’s Grimoire is a place where all are welcome; it does not matter what path you walk, where you’re from, or how you got here, once your heart is in the right place, you are welcome here. We do not promote violence, racism, hate or any form of evil or negative intentions. This is a place of peace. 

Luna’s Grimoire’s mission as a global initiative is to bring light to the world by helping people find peace, through education and networking. 

We provide a moderated forum where anyone can ask for advice, publish their views and opinions, and engage in healthy discussion and debates. We use our power of knowledge to promote acceptance, love, peace and harmony.  



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