To pray a request from the Witch Gods of Old
When thou needest aid comfort or gold
Follow this ancient method of prayer
By candles and incense to the Old Gods Fair

Light two candles of lily white
For the God and the Goddess
Of Love’s pure light
Place between them Thy Book of Witch Law
Thy Book of Shadows that hath no flaw
Any day or planet’s hour be right
To bask Thyself in the Old Gods sight
With an incense of floral scent
Thy prayers are heavenward bent

Anoint a white candle
With thy Zodiac ointment
And summon the Old Gods
to meet Thy appointment
Light it right up to burn for thee
And speak right out: BLESSED BE!
Write Thy request in Dove’s Blood Ink
On parchment to shine
In the candlelight a bright rosy pink
Light a fourth white candle
And place the parchment below
To represent Thy request by candle glow

Calling the Old Gods to attend Thy desire
Speak these words over the fire:

O Lord of Life
and Gracious Goddess Delight
I open my heart
to thee my soul takes flight
Read my thoughts
on this parchment letter
and aid me
to make all things better

Meditates deep on thy request so clear
And offer thy heart to the Old Gods Dear
When the last white candle is half way burned
Much from Thy meditation
Shall have been learned
Burn the request in the flow of its fire
To the gods then goes Thy heart’s desire

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