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A Loud Call from a Closed Drawer

ebony wand
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Today’s story is about my ebony wand that’s nestled in a drawer, safe from my cat, who enjoys bonding with it via teeth.

I was hearing a knocking, I don’t know if it was in my head, or if it was for real, but the knocking would not stop. I didn’t know where it was coming from, but it was incessant, and annoying. Amidst the knocking, I kept thinking about the beautiful ebony wand I purchased a month ago. I’ve used it a bit, but for nothing substantial (just tried my telekenesis techniques with it – major fail).

Anyway, I took the wand out for a bit and to my surprise, the knocking stopped. It was as though it wanted to be taken out for a bit. It has since been moved to another drawer, but it has to stay in there, else the cat will use it as a chew toy.

I’m not of the belief that magic tools have a life of their own, but some of them do call out to us, like this ebony wand. Am I the only one with an experience like this?

Blessed be,
Luna )O(