ADAM AND EVE ROOTS – Love Happiness.
AGNUS CASTUS – Depression, cramps, mood swings.
AGRIMONY – Use to banish negative energies.
ALFALFA HERB – Prosperity, anti-hunger, money.
ALFALFA SEEDS – Prosperity, anti-hunger, money.
ALKANET – Purification, prosperity.
ALL SPICE – Money, luck and healing. Use in healing incense mixes.
ANGELICA ROOT – Exorcism, Protection, Healing and visions.
ANISEED – Protection and purification.
ARNICA FLOWERS – Aid to emotional trauma.
ARCHANGEL ROOT – Guardian, healer, strength, protection from evil.
ASH LEAVES – Protection and prophetic dreaming.
ASHWAGANDA ROOT – Reduces affects of stress, treats anxiety and insomnia, increases sexual performance, clarifys the mind.
AVENS – Exorcism, purification and love.
BALM OF GILEAD – Love, manifestations, protection and healing.
BASIL – Protection, love, wealth and exorcism.
BAY LEAVES – Protection, Clairvoyance, Purification & Healing.
BAYBERRY BARK – Money, sprinkle a candle to attract money.
BETH ROOT – Money, love, success, psychic and spiritual development.
BILBERRIES – Protection.
BIRCH – Protection, purification and exorcism.
BISTORT – Wealth and money.
BLACKBERRY LEAVES – Wealth, healing.
BLACKSNAKE ROOT – Love, lust, money, attraction.
BLADDERWRACK -Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells, Money and Psychic Powers.
BLESSED THISTLE – Protection and blessing.
BLOOD ROOT – protection, love, purification.
BLUE MALLOW FLOWERS – Love, protection and exorcism.return of lost love.
BOLDO LEAVES – Protection against hexes and curses.
BONESET – Protection, exorcism.
BORAGE – Courage, fear, divination.
BROOM – Purification, Protection and wind spells.
BRYONY – Prosperity, protection.
BUCKEYE – Money, wealth, divination.
BUCKTHORN BARK – legal matters, wishes, protection.
BURDOCK ROOT – Protection, healing.
CALAMUS ROOT – Luck, Healing, money and protection.
CARAWAY SEEDS – Protection, passion, Health,
CARDOMOM PODS – Lust, love.
CASCARA BARK – legal matters, money, protection.
CASSIA – prosperity, passion and clairvoyance.
CATNIP – Love, animal contacts, happiness.
CATSCLAW BARK – breaking hexes, protection, cat magick.
CAYENNE – protection.
CEDAR WOOD – Healing, Purification, Money, Protection.
CELANDINE GREATER – Protection, escape, happiness, legal matters.
CHAMOMILE FLOWERS -Money, sleep, love, purification.
CHAMOMILE ROMAN – Money, sleep, love, purification.
CHICKWEED – Fidelity and love.
CHICORY ROOT – Removing Obstacles, favours and frugality.
CHILI PEPPER – Fidelity, Love, Hex breaking.
CINCHONA – Luck, protection.
CINNAMON – Spirituality, success, healing, psychic powers, protection and love.
CINQUEFOIL – Money and protection from evil influences.
CLOVE – Protection, money, love.
CLOVER – maintain fidelity, consecrate ritual tools.
COLTSFOOT – love, visions.
COMFREY LEAF – safety during travel, money.
COMFREY ROOT – Attracts money.
CORIANDER SEEDS – love, health, healing, memory aid.
CORNSILK – Protection, luck, divination.
COWSLIP FLOWERS – Healing, youth, treasure finding.
CRAMP BARK – for menstrual cramps and a safe pregnacy.
CUBEBS – (related to the peppercorn) Love.
CURRY LEAVES – Protection.
DAMIANA LEAF – Love, visions,sex magick, dreams, divination and clairvoyance.
DANDELION – Summons spirits, dreams and visions.
DEVILS SHOESTRING – Protection, luck, attracts money/promtion, invisibility.
DILL – Protection, money, lust and love.
DITANY OF CRETE – Spirit manifestation.
ECHINACEA – Use to strengthen spells.
ELDER BERRIES – Protection, healing prosperity, sleep.
ELDER FLOWERS – as above.
ELECAMPANE – Love, protection ans psychic powers.
EUCALYPTUS – Healing, protection.
EYEBRIGHT – Mental powers, clairvoyance,healing, joy and wonder.
FENNEL – Protection, healing, purification,
FEVERFEW – Arthritis, headaches, fever.
FLAX – Protection, banish evil,good luck and health.
FUMITORY – Money, exorcism.
GALANGAL -(Low John) Protection, luck, money,legal matters, sex magick, breaks hexes.
GARLIC – Protection.
GINGER – Love, money, success and power.
GINSENG – Love, wishes, healing, beauty, protection and lust.
GOATS RUE – healing and health.
GOLDEN ROD – Money and divination.
GOLDEN SEAL – healing and money.
GOTU KOLA – Meditation.
GRAINS OF PARADISE – luck, lust, wishing, money.
GROUND IVY – Divination.
GUM ARABIC – Spirituality, purification.
HAWTHORN BERRIES/LEAVES – sacred to faeries, no ghosts will enter a house protected by hawthorn.
HEAL CUT – love, lust, divination.
HEARTEASE – love and protection against negativity.
HEATHER FLOWERS – Protection, rain making, luck.
HIBISCUS – make attractive, love, lust, divination.
HIGH JOHN – Strength, confidence, success, luck, love, health, protection, winning.
HOLY THISTLE – Purification and hex breaking.
HONEYSUCKLE – Confidence, money, prosperity and clairvoyance, attracts friends.
HOPS – Healing, sleep.
HOREHOUND – clarity during ritual, protection, creativity, balances energies.
HORSECHESTNUT(Buck eye) Money, Healing.
HORSETAIL – Fertility.
HYDRANGEA – Hex breaking.
HYSSOP – Physical and spiritual protection, purification, healing.
IRISH MOSS – Money, luck, protection.
JASMINE FLOWERS – calms nerves, attract love, money, prosperity and divination
JUNIPER BERRIES – healthy energies, love and banishes things injurous to health.
KNOTWEED – Binding, Health.
LADIES BEDSTRAW – attract love.
LADIES MANTLE – love, and to strengthen magickal preparations.
LARKSPUR – Health and protection.
LAVENDER – Love, protection, purification, happiness and peace.
LEMON GRASS – Lust, psychic powers, repel snakes.
LEMON BALM – stress and memory improvement.
LEMON THYME – protection , courage, cleansing, positive vibrations.
LEMON VERBENA – Purification and love.
LIFE EVERLASTING FLOWERS – Longevity, health and healing.
LINDEN – Protection, Love, Luck, Sleep.
LIME LEAVES – indigestion, hysteria, nervousness, insomnia.
LIQUORICE – Love, fidelity and passion.
LOBELIA – Halt storms, love.
LOCUST BEANS – Good health and guards against evil.
LOVAGE – Love, carry in a sachet with seven rose buds to make you more attractive.
MACE – Psychic and mental powers.
MADDER ROOT – Mars. Womanhood.
MANDRAKE ROOT – Protection, fertility, love, money, health, creativity, psychic.
MARSHMALLOW – healing. Soothes sunburn and a tea can help with congested chests.
MARIGOLD FLOWERS – Protection, love, clairvoyance.
MARJORAM – protects against evil, aids grieving, love.
MASTER OF WOODS – to have power over someone to dominate them.
MEADOWSWEET – Love, divination, peace and happiness.
MILK THISTLE – cures depression.
MINT – Money, lust, healing, travel, exorcism, protection.
MISTLETOE – Protection, Fertility, Creativity, Visions.
MOTHERWORT – banish depression, strength, protects against hostile magick.
MOUNTAIN ASH BERRIES – protection, prosperity, healing.
MUGWORT – Protection, clairvoyance, strength.
MULLIEN – Protection against nightmares and demons, courage, love.
MUSTARD – fertility, protection, mental powers.
MYRTLE – peace, love, protection, healing and fertility.
NETTLES – Protection, Exorcism, healing, lust, removes hexes.
NUTMEG – Luck, money, health, fidelity.
OAK BARK – Protection, health, money, healing, fertility, luck.
OAK MOSS – Arromatic for potpourri.
OLIVE LEAVES – healing, peace, fertility, protection, lust, spell potency.
ORANGE FLOWERS – Love, attraction.
ORANGE PEEL – Love, prosperity. (wedded bliss).
ORCHID – love, fertility and aphrodisia.
OREGANO – Money, repel snakes.
OREGON GRAPE ROOT – Money, Popularity.
ORRIS – Love, protection, divination, good dreams, a good mate.
PARSLEY – prevent misfortune, protection, purificiation.
PASSION FLOWER – Peace, sleep, friendship, libido, calmness.
PATCHOULI – Passion, love, money.
PAU D’ARCO – relieve pain.
PALO SANTO – purifying, cleansing, rids evil spirits, misfortune and calamity.
PENNYROYAL – peace, tranquility, protection, consecration rituals
PEONY PETALS – Protects mind body and soul from evil spirits.
PEPPERMINT – Healing, purification.
PERIWINKLE – Love, lust, mental powers, money and protection.
PINE – peace, harmony, healing to the bereaved.
PLANTAIN – protection weariness, rids of evil spirits
POKEROOT – Courage, hex breaking.
POMEGRANATE – Divination, Luck, Wishes, Wealth.
POPPY PETALS/SEEDS – fertility, love, prosperity, invisibility.
QUASSIA – Love and attraction.
RASPBERRY LEAVES – promotes sleep, protection,visions, healing and love.
RED CLOVER FLOWERS – removes negative spirits, lust and finacial dealings.
RED SANDALWOOD – Love, rituals.
RHUBARB – protects against stomach ailments.
ROSEMARY – protection, healing, purification and exorcism.
ROSE PETALS/BUDS – Love, fertility, psychic powers.
ROSEHIPS – Love, luck, good spirits, healing.
ROSE OF JEHRICO – clear negative energies, peace and abundance to the home.
ROWAN BERRIES – Protection and healing, power, success, luck.
RUE – Healing, health, mental powers, protection, purification.
SAGE – Banish negativity, healing, protection.
SAFFRON – happiness, psychic powers,strength, libido, raising the
wind, prosperity.
SASSAFRAS – Health, Money.
SASPARILLA – Love, Money.
SAVORY – Mental Powers.
SKULLCAP – tranquilizer/insomnia sedative; nervous tension; drug/alcohol withdrawl; pms; fidelity and commitment; alleviates anxiety; relaxation/peace.
SHEPHERDS PURSE – prosperity and protection.
SLIPPERY ELM POWDER – use to stop gossip.
SLOE BERRIES – When hung at the door or carried, it will banish all types of evil and misfortune, demons and negative vibrations.
SOLOMONS SEAL – Protection, exorcism.
SORREL – Healing, Health.
SOUTHERNWOOD – Love, lust and protection.
SPEARMINT – Healing, love, money.
SPEEDWELL – Anti inflamatory soothes skin and is used as a cough treatment.
SPIKENARD – fidelity, mental clarity and concentration.
ST JOHNS WORT – health, protection, love, happiness, strength.
STAR ANISE – Clairvoyance, luck.
SUNFLOWERS – discover the truth, wishes and goodluck, wisdom.
TANSY – Used in healing and to lengthen life force.
THYME – Clairvoyance, purification. Use to see faeries.
TONKA BEANS – Love, money, courage, wishes.
TORMENTIL – Protection, love.
UVA URSI – Psychic Workings.
VALERIAN ROOT – love, harmony and protection.
VANILLA – Pods used in love spells.
VERBENA – cleanse and purify sacred space and attract love.
VERVAIN – Love, purification, protection.
VETIVERT – Love, Hex-Breaking, Luck, Money, Anti Theft.
VIOLET LEAVES – Protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace, healing.
WALNUT LEAVES – prevents headaches and sunstroke.
WHITE SAGE – purification, consecration, clear negativity, rituals,spirit world.
WHITE WILLOW BARK – healing and wishes.
WINTERGREEN – Protection, healing, hex breaking.
WITCH GRASS – (couch Grass, Dog Grass) Happiness, Lust, Love.
WITCH HAZEL LEAVES – use to mend a broken heart.
WOOD BETONY – Protection, purification, love.stops nightmares.
WOODRUFF – Victory, success, protection, money.
WORMWOOD – banish anger, protection, exorcism.
YARROW – love, clairvoyance.

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